Sitenet Customer Management (SCM)

The key component of Sitenet Tech's cloud-based solution created to empower tour operators and organisations involved in the travel industry is Sitenet Customer Management, also known as SCM. This particular piece of software was developed with the purpose of efficiently managing and optimising the full range of customer-related tasks within the travel and tourist sector.

The following capabilities and functionalities are commonly included in Sitenet Customer Management:

Customer Profiles: SCM makes it possible for companies to keep thorough and current client profiles. Important elements like contact information, preferred routes, and past booking history are all included in these profiles.

Communication Tracking: Each exchange of information and communication with clients is recorded by the system. This aids in making sure that all requests, questions, and problems from customers are appropriately handled and documented.

Booking and Reservation Management: Bookings, reservations, and travel schedules are easier to manage using SCM. It provides a more efficient and structured booking process, increasing the operation's efficiency.

Customer Segmentation: Features for categorising clients according to a range of factors, such preferred travel routes, booking frequency, or certain demographics, are frequently included in the tool. Personalised service and tailored marketing campaigns can benefit from this segmentation.

Feedback and Review Management: A platform for gathering and organising client testimonials and reviews is offered by SCM. For reputation management and ongoing service improvement, this data can be quite helpful.

Personalization: Tour operators may provide their clients with incredibly customised travel experiences by using the data and insights acquired through supply chain management. Customer loyalty and satisfaction may increase as a result of this customisation.