Sitenet Student Portal (SSP)

The SiteNet Student Portal intends to provide students with an online platform for an efficient learning experience that includes controlling their education, fostering customised learning, and supporting their overall academic achievement. The objective of this portal is to provide students with a comprehensive and user-friendly online environment that meets both academic and administrative needs. This portal is designed specifically for SiteNet Tech students, or learners attending an institution supported by SiteNet Tech.


The Services of the SiteNet Student Portal include:


Unified Access

Single sign-on for complete access to academic and administrative services.


Personalised Dashboards

Customised dashboards tailored to individual student needs and preferences. It provides a centralised view of the courses, assignments, announcements, and important deadlines of the students.


Course Management

The portal allows students Effortless course enrollment, manages class schedules, and access to learning materials.


Communication Hub

Centralised platform for communication between teachers, students, and staff members, announcements, and collaboration with peers. The portal includes communication features such as email, messages, discussion boards, and forums.


Grading and Feedback

Students can view their grades and feedback from instructors. They can track their progress and performance analytics, enabling them to identify areas for improvement.


Resource Library

Students can access an extensive digital library for course-related resources, study materials, research, lecture notes, textbooks, and other resources related to their courses.


Submit Assignments and Assessments

Students can easily submit assignments and assessments online through the portal. It saves time and ensures a streamlined submission process.


Event Notifications and Announcements

Students stay informed about campus events, announcements, deadlines, extracurriculars, and other important updates posted on the portal.


Academic Calendar and Scheduling

The portal provides an academic calendar and scheduling tools, which allow students to view their class schedules, exams, and important dates.


Student Services and Support

The portal offers access to various student services and support, including academic advising, library resources, career guidance, and counselling. There is a support helpdesk for helping students with technical issues or queries.


Student Data Management

Students can modify their course preferences, contact details, and personal information within the portal.

User-Friendly Interface:

The interface has an intuitive design that has been carefully crafted to offer a user-friendly experience and promote easy navigation. Its well-thought-out layout enhances accessibility, making interactions smoother and more engaging for users.