Sitenet Web Analytics (SWA)

Sitenet Web Analytics delivers insightful data about the performance of websites, visitor, and customer behaviour, and marketing efficiency. It tracks and analyses key metrics like website traffic, page views, bounce rate, conversion rate, and more.

By understanding how visitors engage with the website, businesses can maximise their online presence and identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to boost conversions and revenue.



The key features of Sitenet Web Analytics:


Real-time tracking and Traffic source analysis

SWA tracks website traffic, providing valuable insights into the number of visitors and their different sources, such as search engines or social media, and which pages they are viewing. Additionally, it provides comprehensive, real-time statistics on visitor demographics, geographic location, and referral sources, including unique visitors and page views. Users get an evaluation of the effectiveness of various marketing strategies for driving traffic.


Page performance analysis

SWA measures how individual pages perform, including page load times, bounce rates, and responsiveness, helping businesses identify high-performing and underperforming areas for improvement.


Conversion tracking

SWA enables businesses to monitor and analyse website conversions for actions such as form submissions and booking requests, helping them identify which marketing Campaigns and website changes lead to the most conversions.


Funnel analysis

SWA allows companies to keep track of user behaviour along the conversion funnel, discovering where visitors drop off and optimising the funnel to improve conversion rates.


Content management and SEO metrics

Companies can evaluate their SEO efforts and see which keywords drive organic search traffic. SWA examines user interaction with different types of content, including blog articles, videos, and interactive elements. It determines popular content as well as scopes for improvement.


A/B testing

SWA empowers businesses to conduct A/B testing, which enables the systematic comparison of various types of web content. Through this process, businesses can analyse, evaluate and identify which performs best and generates the most conversions.



SWA offers heatmaps, which visually show how users are interacting with website content, highlighting which elements are most engaging and which may not be performing.


E-commerce Tracking

Sitenet Web Analytics boasts a powerful e-commerce tracking function that gives companies extensive insights into online transactions. The software enables users to measure and analyse e-commerce operations on their websites, providing a thorough picture of customer behaviour, product performance, and total revenue generation.


Event Tracking

SWA offers a robust event tracking feature that delivers valuable insights into user engagement by tracking events on their websites, such as clicks, downloads, and form submissions. With Sitenet's customisable event tracking, businesses can retain a more detailed evaluation of user behaviour, helping them refine their online strategies for a more tailored and effective web experience.


Customizable Dashboards and Reports

SWA stands out with its customisable dashboards and reporting features. With an intuitive interface, businesses can easily create personalised dashboards that showcase the key metrics and performance indicators, providing a complete and visually appealing overview of their website data. This tool empowers users to generate insightful reports that align with their unique business goals for informed decision-making.


Overall, SWA offers a comprehensive suite of tools to help businesses in the travel and tourism industry analyse and optimise their website content and increases conversions.