Sitenet Web Analytics (SWA)

A key element of Sitenet Tech's cloud-based solution for tour operators and companies in the travel and tourist sector is Sitenet Web Analytics. This application was created especially to assist these companies in monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of their websites. It provides insightful data on user behaviour, website traffic, and other important indicators that can guide optimisation efforts and decision-making.

Typical Sitenet Web Analytics tools and capabilities include:

Website Traffic Analysis: This tool monitors the quantity of visits to the website and their source, be it social media, organic search, or referral traffic.

User Behavior Tracking: It provides more information about how individuals use the website, such as the pages they view, how long they remain on it, and the activities they do (such making reservations or inquiries).

Conversion Tracking: Specific conversion events, such finished reservations, email sign-ups, or other actions that show success and engagement, can be tracked by Sitenet Web Analytics.

Custom Reporting: To meet the unique requirements of the company, the system allows the production of personalised dashboards and reports.

A/B Testing: A/B testing capabilities are provided by certain online analytics solutions, allowing users to compare the effectiveness of several website iterations and optimise for the best outcomes.

Keyword and Search Engine Analysis: Companies are able to evaluate their SEO efforts and see which phrases are generating organic search traffic.

E-commerce Tracking: Online sales and revenue can be tracked by companies using Sitenet Web Analytics if they have e-commerce capabilities.

Mobile Analytics: Insights into mobile device user behaviour are provided, assuring mobile optimisation.