Sitenet Information System (SIS)

One of the main components of Sitenet Tech's cloud-based solution for tour operators and companies in the travel and tourism sector is the Sitenet Information System. In order to ensure smooth operations, this system is intended to function as a central repository for handling and organising different types of travel-related data.

Typical Sitenet Information System characteristics and capabilities include:

  • Destination Data: It offers thorough details on a range of travel destinations, including information on local activities, transportation alternatives, hotels, attractions, and monuments.

Itinerary Management: For their clients, tour operators can design, modify, and oversee trip schedules that include a variety of elements like airfare, lodging, tours, and more.

Accommodation Listings: Accommodations including hotels, resorts, and holiday rentals can be accessed and managed by operators thanks to the system's database.

Transportation Information: Flight itineraries, vehicle rentals, and public transport alternatives are just a few of the transportation-related data that may be found in Sitenet Information System.

Activity and Tour Listings: It assists tour operators create unique holiday packages for customers by giving information on the excursions and activities that are offered at various locations.

Pricing and Availability: Bookings are made easier for operators by their access to real-time pricing and availability data for a variety of travel-related components.

Content Management: The content pertaining to trip destinations, lodging, activities, and other elements can be updated and managed by tour operators.

Inventory Management: This minimises the possibility of overbooking by assisting firms in monitoring their available inventory.