Sitenet Information System (SIS)

Sitenet Information System by Sitenet Tech is powerful software solution specially designed for tourism business operators, where they can get excellence and efficiency coverage for their business success. It is a go-to resource for enhancing customer experiences in the dynamic industry of tourism.

With the following key features of SIS, businesses can stay ahead in a competitive market while stepping into the future of tourism management:


Destination Data

The Sitenet Information System tailors itself to tour operators by centralising and managing comprehensive information about various destinations, including activities, transportation options, accommodations, attractions, and monuments. With real-time updates, operators can maintain the accuracy of destination information, facilitating seamless itinerary planning and enhancing the overall travel experience for customers.


Reservation Itinerary management

The system provides a user-friendly interface for tour operators to manage reservations which includes hotels, resorts, tickets, holidays and rentals. It allows them to create, modify and cancel bookings, check availability and set rates accordingly. Users can manage reservations effortlessly with minimum errors and maximum efficiency.


Transportation Information

Sitenet Information System facilitates operators to organize and update details on various modes of transportation, including schedules, routes, and vehicle availability. Besides, it provides real-time updates on transportation status, ensuring efficient coordination and enhancing the overall planning and execution of tours.


Activity and Tour Listings

The System empowers tour operators to showcase and manage a diverse range of activities and tours. It provides a user-friendly platform for operators to create detailed listings, incorporating rich textual and multimedia content. With real-time updates, operators can effortlessly maintain accurate information on availability, schedules, and highlights, enhancing the overall presentation and accessibility of their offerings.


Pricing and Availability

SIS allows tour operators to set dynamic pricing based on factors such as demand, seasonality, and availability. It integrates seamlessly with booking and reservation systems to ensure accurate pricing and availability information. The system also supports various pricing structures, including per-person pricing, group discounts, package deals, promotional codes, and special offers.


Multi-channel distribution

The system facilitates the integration of multiple online travel agents (OTAs), allowing operators to manage and control their channels of distribution from a single platform. It expands the reach and increases visibility in the tourism market.


Content Management

Sitenet Information System enables tour operators to create, edit, and manage detailed tour itineraries, which include destinations, activities, accommodation details, and transportation. The system also supports the creation and promotion of special offers, discounts, and package deals.


Payment Processing

Sitenet Information System provides a secure payment process for online payments through seamless integration with various popular payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal, and others. It ensures a smooth and trustworthy financial transaction process.


Inventory Management

SIS helps businesses monitor, manage, and update their inventory, such as rooms, tours, and tickets, regularly. It helps increase efficiency, ensure accurate availability and prevent overbooking issues.


Reporting and Analytics

The system provides real-time reports and analytics on bookings, revenue, and occupancy rates. It helps operators make data-driven decisions and improve their business processes.


Customer Relationship Management

The Sitenet Information System enables operators to manage customer relationships and communications by collecting guest data and tracking purchase history and preferences. This aids in delivering personalised and memorable client experiences.


Security and reliability

Rest easy knowing that your business data is secure. Sitenet Tech prioritises the protection of your information, employing strong security measures to safeguard your operations and instill confidence in your clients.

With SIS, simplify complicated tasks, automate routine processes, and free up valuable time, providing exceptional experiences to your clients.