Travel Back Office (TBO)

The Back Office is an administrative interface which is the heart of the travel technology solution responsible for handling various administrative and operational tasks to ensure the smooth functioning of travel agencies and related businesses. Here are some essential elements of a travel back office system developed by Sitnet Tech and a part of Travnet Tech:


User Access and Permissions

The Back Office system offers role-based access control for the restriction and management of user permissions. This includes secured login and authentication mechanisms and activity logs that facilitate the auditing of user actions within the system.

Reservation Management

Centralised platform for managing and tracking all travel bookings. Efficiently manages and processes reservations, including online and offline bookings, booking confirmations, cancellations, and modifications. Centralise all reservation data for easy access and tracking. Integration with GDS (Global Distribution System) and other booking channels.

Inventory Management

Maintain an up-to-date inventory of available accommodations, transportation, activities, and other travel services. Ensure accurate availability and pricing information for seamless booking processes.

Financial Management

Maintain track of and manage financial transactions, such as invoicing, payment processing, and re- Automated communication with suppliers for booking confirmations and updates.


Reporting and Analytics

Generate real-time reports and analytics on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as sales, revenue, occupancy rates, and customer satisfaction. Gain valuable insights to make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement.


Document Management

Store and manage important travel documents, such as itineraries, vouchers, and contracts. Ensure easy access and retrieval of relevant documents when needed. Compliance with industry regulations and data protection standards.


Compliance and Security

Ensure compliance with industry regulations, such as GDPR, and maintain robust data security measures. Safeguard customer and business data to build trust and protect sensitive information.

Workflow Automation

Travel back office streamlines operational workflows, reducing manual tasks and errors. Automation of routine processes such as booking confirmations, payment processing, and document generation. Workflow Customization is possible based on the specific needs of the travel agency. Users can utilise tools like email integration, messaging, and task management to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

Manage Agents

Efficiently manage and collaborate with agents through a dedicated platform, enabling seamless communication, assignment of tasks, and tracking agent performance.

Reporting Dashboard

Access a centralised reporting dashboard that provides real-time insights into key performance metrics, allowing businesses to analyse data, track sales, monitor bookings, and make informed decisions.

Data List Management

Effectively manage customer records, agent details, and supplier information through a comprehensive data list management tool, ensuring accuracy and easy access to crucial information.


Utilise mapping features to visualize travel itineraries, locations, and routes, helping tour operators effectively plan and organize trips for their customers.

Back office Admin

Access a secure and user-friendly administrative panel, enabling tour operators to manage user permissions, system settings, and other administrative tasks with ease.

Content Management System (CMS)

Take advantage of a robust content management system to efficiently manage and update website content, promotional materials, itineraries, and other travel-related information for marketing purposes.

Scalability and Integration

Sitenet Tech's travel back office solution is designed to accommodate the growth and changing needs of tour operators. It can integrate with other systems and platforms, such as booking engines, payment gateways and marketing tools to create a seamless and connected ecosystem.

These elements collectively contribute to the efficiency, accuracy, and overall success of a travel back office system.